We Make Memories!

Best Practices to Keep Your Keepsake Looking Like New

1) Take your Hands Unlimited art piece out of the bag within 24 hours or as soon as you get home to let dry. CAUTION: If sculpture is not allowed to dry, it will mold. A well-ventilated area is best.

2) If any of the molding material (alginate) is in any of the crevices of the sculpture, DO NOT attempt to dig it out....you will scratch the sculpture. After the sculpture dries completely (2-10 days), the molding material will shrink and you should be able to blow it out. You may need to loosen the material first using a tooth pick or paper clip, but do so carefully.

3) If painting the sculpture is desired, acrylic paint, brush or spray, works great. No primer is needed.

4) Your sculpture can be cleaned (if just dusty) by rinsing under water. A little pressure is good to get the dust out of the crevices. If the sculpture has not been painted it will just get wet and will dry out again. If there is a rubbed in dirt spot, you can use a wet terry cloth, with a little pressure to wipe clean. If the piece really dirty, rinse it, then wipe it clean as you can (be careful to not wipe so hard as to wipe out any detail) and then paint it. It will look like new if you use a flat white.


If your art piece becomes damaged, we will repair and/or replace a personalized sculpture you have purchased from Heartfelt Hands or one of our affiliates, if at all possible. Note: if the piece is severely damaged, it may not be possible to repair it. Please do not throw away your broken or damaged sculpture....that is your proof of purchase. Simply bring your broken sculpture to one of our live events, so we can assess if it's repairable. Alternately, e-mail us pictures of a damaged piece for an assessment as to whether we feel a repair is possible. Then, we will request that you ship it to us at your expense, and we will attempt the repair. Disclaimer: This limited warranty only applies to pieces purchased with a base from a Heartfelt Hands on-site life caster. This warranty does not cover items from the ready-made product line.